ProfileD Study - University of Michigan (paid)

This University of Michigan study explores the phenomenon of Racialized Sexual Discrimination (RSD), and focuses specifically on the experiences of Black/African-American men* who use gay hook-up apps and websites to find sexual partners. RSD is broadly defined as sexualized discriminatory treatment towards racial/ethnic minorities, and can manifest in a variety of ways - from exclusion and rejection, to degrading comments and objectification. As sexual and mental health researchers, the University decided to launch the ProfileD study in order to understand the ways in which Black men experience RSD in online settings, as these experiences may have important implications for sexual and psychological health.


Participants must:

(1) identify as a man
(2) have been assigned male sex at birth;

(3) identify primarily as Black, African-American, or with any other racial/ethnic identity across the African diaspora (e.g., Afro-Caribbean, African, etc.);

(4) be between the ages of 18 and 29

(5) identify as gay, bisexual, queer, same-gender-loving, or another non-heterosexual identity -- OR -- have had sexual contact with a man in the last 3 months

(6) have used a website or mobile app to find male partners for sexual activity in the last 3 months;

(7) reside in the United States.

*While the current study only focuses on Black/African-American men, RSD is a phenomenon experienced by all men of color. Stay tuned for future research projects that will examine how this phenomenon plays out among other racial/ethnic groups!