Why am I so gay?

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. In this powerful talk, Thomas Lloyd talks about taking pride in owning his identity and the strength that stems from that ownership. He talks with admiration about a movement that learnt that changing a community is much easier and much less damaging than changing one’s own identity. In his journey he has learnt to walk in solidarity with not only those he identifies with but also other marginalized groups in society.

Thomas Lloyd is a Senior in the SFS majoring in STIA: Science, Technology & International Affairs. For the last two years he has served as the President of GUPride, Georgetown’s LGBTQ Student group, one of the only such groups at a Catholic school in the country. As the group’s president, Thomas helped raise the profile of GUPride and its catholic-campus LGBTQ work to a national level, while refocusing the mission of the group on to questions of intersectionality. Thomas has also been an RA at Georgetown for two years, written a regular column for The Hoya, and coached debate for The Bronx High School of Science for four years (his alma matter).

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